Powered by nature, each Botany formula is crafted with a unique, potent blend of organic plant extracts and oils.
Designed for everyday beauty and care, each product delivers thorough cleansing and soothing, and leaves behind a silky soft feel and a light botanical scent.

Experience the beauty of nature

Botany Extracts

Sourced from organically grown plants, all Botany extracts are obtained by a gentle process that preserves the quality of the extracts as well as the power of the natural active ingredients.
Featuring formulas infused with essential oils, Botany brings you four distinct ranges of hair, body, and hand care products – each as rich and pure as its origin and natural without compromise.

Geranium | Lavender | Argan
Replenishment for dry hair and dry skin

Coconut Oil | Tea Tree | Aloe vera
For all hair and skin types

Orange | Moringa | Lemon
Balance and nourishment for oily hair and skin

Pomegranate | Grape Seeds | Chamomile

Intense care for colored and very dry hair


Shea | Sandalwood | argan
For colored & straightened hair

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